National Park Service Giant Arrowhead Sign, National Park Service Memo - $2,500 (Danville)

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condition: good
size / dimensions: 3x4.5
This National Park Service Giant Arrowhead Sign is a great addition to any collection of National Park Service memorabilia. The sign features a classic design, with the iconic arrowhead symbol prominently displayed. It was manufactured in the United States and can be dated back to as early as 1950, making it a unique and valuable piece of historical memorabilia. Additionally, the sign is not “signed” which adds to its authenticity and collectibility. If you're a fan of National Parks and their history, this sign is a must-have for your collection. Very solid. Heavy. Very mild wear and tear for the context.

### Historical Context
- **Original Image (1954)**
- **Photographer**: Robert N. McIntyre
- **Date**: January 7, 1954
- **Person **: Lee Buzzini
- **Purpose**: These signs were part of the publicity for the $50 Incentive Awards Committee Presentation. Lee Buzzini was tasked with making these signs for all parks in Region 4. This photo is preserved in the Yosemite Research Library (RL-13,285).
- **Design Elements**: The sign features a Sequoia tree, a bison, mountains, and water, symbolizing the diverse resources and landscapes the NPS protects. The emblem was part of efforts to create a consistent and recognizable identity for the NPS across various sites.

### Design and Significance
- **Arrowhead Shape**: This shape is a distinctive and recognizable symbol of the NPS.


**Sequoia Tree**: Represents the vast forests and the natural beauty of the parks.

**Bison**: Symbolizes the wildlife protected within the parks.

**Mountains and Water**: Depict the diverse landscapes and ecosystems under the NPS's care.

**Text**: "National Park Service" and "Department of the Interior" clearly indicate the federal agency responsible for the park system.

Legacy and Recognition

**Iconic Status**: The arrowhead emblem is one of the most recognizable logos in the U.S. federal system and is associated with conservation, natural beauty, and historical preservation.

- **Cultural Importance**: The sign represents the NPS's mission to protect and preserve the natural and cultural resources of the United States for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

Overall, these signs are significant artifacts of the NPS's history and its efforts to promote and protect the nation's natural and cultural heritage.

** approximately 4.5 feet tall (54 inches).

**Would prefer local pick up but if you would like to arrange for your own packing/shipping I would be happy to drop off this item at a local shipper of your choice.

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