Penny Gold Mining Shares Investment Club (SoBo)

So the US Stock Market is in nosebleed territory with an economy that is fake.
The FED is pumping BILLIONS of dollars daily into the system to keep it from imploding
this can only end badly
With NEGATIVE INTEREST rates taking hold around the world...Germany, Denmark, Finland in the beginning
a sure sign the whole western system has begun its crash...there are no more quick fixes
If you believe everything will be fine, then just abort this post and good luck

The assets that are cheap now are Precious Metals...cheapest on the planet.
And the Eastern World and russia are buying Gold hand over first while in the west we are told Gold is an antiquated asset...so please sell
So if CNBC and the MSM and big corrupt bankers are saying SELL your gold, then surely they are secretly buying
as PROVEN in the JP Morgan Silver case...JP Morgan execs now charged with RICO Raceteering...FINALLY

If you have very little to invest or try and make money with
then I believe GOLD MINING SHARES are the way to go
but do come to your own conclusion
I am buying Gold Mining Shares, some for just pennies
People have made fortunes this way, and lost fortunes in all ways

I'd like to get together with a very small group and share our ideas and news
on the secretive Precious Metal Shares world
while the big brokers want no part of this since they cant steal your money...they need you in the broad stock market
Gold is too small
Just imagine, as more and more people come awake and try and invest in the tiny 0.5% (of total investment capital) Gold Market
theres no better place to be...or buy Apple, Google, Amazon like your broker tells you to for hundreds of dollars a share...you cant even get a foothold

No investment advise offered, just my opinions of markets and what I personally have been doing
its fun...hope it stays that way in a collapsing financial world
US treasury Bonds are now toxic and foreign governments are dumping them as fast as they can
after all we are a giant Ponzi Scheme

You can get started for very little money...much less than me
but time is short
Gold is correcting now after being the best performing asset this year
may be the last correction before the moonshot
with Impeachment Possibilities, talk of civil war, retail stores closing by the thousands, real jobs disappearing

you must be awake and have critical thinking skills for this
if you believe what CNN, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper tell you...then this aint for you
but if you understand the massive fraud and corruptness of the media and gubment
then lets talk alternative views

over coffee to start
would like a very small group of non-sheeple to get together
anywhere from South Hill to South Boston...or even Clarksville, Oxford, Roxboro, Chae City
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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