Freshwater guppies, plants, & snails (Danville)

Female(s)/male(s) available adult guppies $2.50 each, baby guppy fry under 2 months old 2 for $1.00(0.50 cents each!) My tank is over stocked! Different colors/patterns! Will send pictures/ videos of ones available I have about 50+ in stock selling cheap to reduce my cowarded tanks! Very healthy, happy fish! I do weekly water changes! I also have freshwater snails (Ramshorns in three different colors-brown,red, & spotted! I sell by the cup full S,M,L,XL COUNT) snails is really cheap snails start at 2.00 for 10-15 & price goes up depending on how many more you want & freshwater live aquarium plants~ guppy grass aka (Najas guadalupensis) it's a fast-growing aquatic plant species commonly known by the names – Common water nymph and Najas grass. It is popular in the aquarium hobby for its use in guppy tanks by beginner, intermediate and expert aquarists. Guppy grass im selling it by the ziplock bags full so for Gallon size ziplock bag full is $30.00,quart ziplock bag full is $20.00, & sandwich ziplock bag full is $15.00 price is firm! Serious inquiries/buyers only! Will meet in Pelham NC, Danville VA, I ALSO COME TO REIDSVILLE NC/ YANCYVILLE NC OCCASIONALLY! WILL NEED TO BUY $20 OR MORE FOR ME TO MEET FURTHER OUT IF NOT MUST MEET AT PELHAM NC DG ON HWY 700, VISITORS CENTER/ REST AREA ON HWY 700, SAMS CORNER #2, OR CARTER'S GAS STATION ON WEST MAIN ST IN DANVILLE VA! I ALSO HAVE OTHER FRESHWATER AQUARIUM CHEMICALS, PUMPS, FILTERS, LIGHTS, I HAVE COUPLE SMALLER TANK SETUPS, ETC FOR SELL CHEAP! SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY CONTACT ME PLEASE!

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